XA9000 Series


Screen Size:

55″, 65″

  • OLED

  • 4K UHD

  • Android

  • Infinity Screen

  • Chameleon AI PQ Extreme

  • Google Assistant

  • Google PlayStore

  • Google Games
    Pure HDR

  • Voice Search

  • Chromecast

  • Pure HDR

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Pixel Dimming

Each pixel of the self-emitted OLED can be operated completely independently. MasterMind Chipset precisely controls the brightness of each pixel, thus bringing extreme contrast and incredible details in every picture.

Chameleon AI PQ Extreme

Chameleon AI PQ Extreme is SKYWORTH's proprietary picture engine for dedicated picture enhancement. It makes use of AI technology to detect, recognize and reconstruct individual images precisely to reproduce the best picture quality.

Pure HDR

Pure HDR is the picture quality improvement technology and it has higher color depth, wider dynamic range and stronger color expression to perform more colourful and vivid picture.

AI Skin Color Adjustment

Chameleon AI PQ Extreme can recognize the skin color of different races based on AI algorithm, and integrate large data to calibrate the skin color separately to make the color restoration more accurate, and it allows you to fine-tune the skin color according to your preferences.

Eye Protection

Blue-light hazard may cause retinal injury, myopia, cataract and other eye diseases. The material SKYWORTH high-end TV can minimize the harm caused by blue-light hazard to protect our eyes.

Crystal Clear Motion

Supported by 4K 120Hz refresh rate and the fast response of OLED panel, Chameleon AI PQ Extreme achieves up to 1ms response rate to realize a full range of anti-motion blur effects. The technology analyses two adjacent frames based on AI algorithm, and generates a new frame in between which effectively solve the image blur, ribbon noise and jagged line problems.

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