Chest Freezer BD-218

Home Appliance, Chest Freezer

Climate: T
Capacity: 200L
Net/Gross Weight(Kg): 36/40
Product Dimension(WxDxH)(mm): 915x555x830

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Hovering Door

Door can be opened and stay at different angles from 45ᴼ to 75ᴼ

Lock & Key, Handle

Lock & Key allows you to lock your freezer preventing unnecessary opening, especially by children

Interior Lighting

The chest freezer is illuminated with interior lighting which enables clear visibility when you look for your items in the freezer

Basket for Storage

Conveniently store your daily used items in the basket for easy access. You can also remove the basket whenever you want to store big items in the freezer

Fast Freezing

Fast Freezing function allows you to freeze your food faster

Mechanical Temperature Control

To control freezer temperature in order to keep your food fresh longest and prevent foodborne illnesses

Product Specification

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